Our Story


Do you enjoy candles but hate having dozens of empty candle containers lying around, not knowing what to do with them? Sure you think "It's so pretty, I can use this to hold pens, or put trinkets into" only to see it go into a drawer to be forgotten or even worse...out with the trash. Well that's what got me started with my own candle company. Hi! my name is LouAnn and by day I'm a chemical engineer, by night (and most weekends) I'm a candle maker.

I wanted to create great smelling, eco-friendly candles with the best ingredients I could find, using recyclable packaging while also utilizing vessels that could legitimately be used again for something practical. I also wanted to source as much as I could that was made in the USA...and yes, Koale & Thistle's glass containers are 100% made in the USA!. Being a veteran, this was something very important to me. I strived to create a candle of real value, and not just something to be tossed away when finished. Our tumblers are drinking glasses, plain and simple...when you're done enjoying your candle...enjoy a cocktail, or an iced coffee...or whatever cool beverage you can think of! And you can still put pencils and trinkets into them too!
I know we are not the cheapest out there, but I hope you see the value in a Koale & Thistle candle, using some of the best, most sustainable materials out there and made in the USA. 

White coconut soy wax candle in clear glass vessel group together in from of red distressed brick background.


All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” ~ St. Francis Of Assisi