Simple steps to reusing your Koale & Thistle glass tumbler

WHAT TO DO NEXT?: When your candle has reached the halfway mark, you may want to bid it farewell. It's recommended by all candle makers to not burn that last half inch of wax for safety reasons — the heat can cause the glass to crack. Plus, it makes it easier to clean out the glass using our tried-and-true freezing method. The wax will form a nice, solid block!

TAKE OF ALL THE LABELS: Simply peel the labels off the front and base of the glass. Our labels use glues that are low adhesive, so they’re easy to remove. Any remaining residue will come off with some hot, soapy water. 

PLACE THE GLASS IN THE FREEZER: Put your glass in the freezer for a few hours up to two days. The cooling wax will harden and shrink away from the glass for removal as one solid piece, or it can be easily cracked if a single piece doesn't come out (next step).

CRACK THE WAX WITH A DULL KNIFE (CAREFULLY!!): Apply pressure to the edge of the wax with a dull knife. You’re not trying to cut into the wax, but rather cause it to pop out as a puck or break into smaller pieces. Remove the puck or wax chunks by gently tapping them out onto some tissue, then throw them in the trash.

WIPE OUT THE REMAINING WAX: To help ensure a clean finish, it's important to remove any remaining wax residue. Applying baby oil or vegetable oil to a piece of tissue paper and wiping the glass surface with it can help dissolve any left over wax. Make sure not to use water by itself as this will only spread the wax without really lifting it; wax and water don't mix!

CLEAN THE GLASS IN DISHWASHER OR SINK: Now that you've removed the majority of wax, your glassware is ready to be cleaned. For effortless cleaning, pop them in the dishwasher, or just wash them by hand with a couple rounds of soapy water and rinse. Doing this will help to emulsify any leftover wax and leave them sparkling.

REUSE AND ENJOY! You are now the owner of a brand new, made in the USA glass tumbler, here are some ways we use ours:

    • Drinks: Insert ice cubes. Serve your favorite beverage, and enjoy.
    • Flowers: Fill with water and add a few flowers cut to length
    • Random Container : Put in loose change, keys, writing supplies, paint brushes
    • Make-up: Perfect for brushes and pencils
    • Desserts: They make the cutest pots for individual cheesecakes, pot au cremes, chocolate mousses, etc.
    • Iced Coffee: Thanks to the clear glass, you can watch the milk and coffee mix together nicely.
  • Be sure to send us a photo of how you use yours! Just tag us on Intsagram @koaleandthistle